As the above graphic states so wonderfully, for the next couple months I'm hitting the road with Goats Eat Cans Volume 1 in a desperate attempt to sell some books! 

That's right, it's carnival barker time, bitch. 

NOTE I shouldn't type the word "bitch". I'm way too lame to pull it off. END NOTE 

The tour is being spread into two sections - the first of which is being sponsored by The Virtual Book Tour Cafe and the second of which is being sponsored by my pals at The Literary Underground (basically a bunch of people I now owe favors). 

Along the way I'll be doing guest posts, and giving away stuff, and working my ass off to convince you that $1.99 isn't too much to spend for three hundred pages of fart jokes and references to Kim Kardashian's posterior. Sometimes those things are one in the same. 

The dates and links are listed below.

April 24th - Reviewed at Moonlit Dreams 
April 25th - Reviewed at Pleased to Meat You 
April 26th - Reviewed at Booksessed 
April 27th - Reviewed at Dispatches from La-La Land 
April 30th - Giveaway at Blog It Out, Bitch 
May 4th - Guest Post and Giveaway at A No.2 Pencil, Stat! 
May 7th - Guest Post and Review at Easily Mused 
May 9th - Interviewed at This Page is Intentionally Blank

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