My name is Steven.

You can call me Steve if you like, but I can't promise it won't result in a knuckle sandwich.

Sometimes I write stuff, other times I draw stuff, and a lot of the time I just make stuff with my trusty computer. Basically I do pretty much anything and everything to make a buck - including the occasional afternoon of hooking. Well, almost anything.

Don't go getting any ideas.

I'm also the writer/illustrator of the FORTS series of novels, the writer/illustrator of the BAD GUYS webcomic, the co-founder of the writers group, THE LITERARY UNDERGROUND and the host of a weekly podcast under the banner, as well as the co-creator of CHOOSE OR DIE.

I also host a movie review podcast twice a week at BEARDED SCRUTINY

While all of those things are fun, very few of them actually make me any money.

It's the hooking that pays the bills.

Further information on myself and the stuff I do can be found on my website, NOVAKILLUSTRATION

If you'd like to stalk me, I can also be found on the usual hubs:


This is a semi-sort of-recent picture of me.

It's okay to get in touch with me. I won't bite.

As you might have guessed knuckle sandwiches are my preferred method of attack.